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At the airport bar people are drinking clear drinks

You are the opposite of drunk

You have some cashews

The girl in gray shoes orders another drink

You’re in love in your chair

Tethered so hard you make a groove in the landscape

You allow the god bird to gift you

You let the bird set fire, wetly flaming

Now the song on the radio is one from childhood

Something comes particle by particle through the air

Glowing curve of a small worm

Worm tail without a shell

You seek constantly the dying sticks of her body

You are breathing in your chair

A life without

Bathing in mustard seeds

The taped eyeglasses of sadness

The backyard birdbath

Moonlight on your backs

The light not convincing you of anything

The bartender is dreaming

Learning her way out of the seaweed cave

Later you’ll say her name

Walk with her to the store

To buy cilantro

Posted 09/26/10
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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