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Even though I have this giant problem in my pants

I am not going to do anything

Today the ocean

I am going to move my one sorrowless byte

What would I say

London is overtaken with parakeets

Every park we never sat at

A plate of spicy octopus

A fight just for two

Ride the train with me

Be my

People are going to round the bases

Folds of hanging fat

I wanted something else to happen

Last night my mouthguard fell to the pillow, glowing and opaque

I yelled at your place in the sheets

What would it matter if I climbed up into the air

Made a bunk bed

Two-part breath

Like they taught me

In every rising graph is an eye

Looking beyond the page

It’s hard to keep

The love in

Teach me to cook with green garlic

Posted 05/13/11
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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