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I was talking last night

About how I am not afraid

Of wherever we evolve

Mostly because I'll be dead

(Let's be honest, I will)

But also I am a woman

Harvesting in and being

Gills, I have all

The space I need

Born I was and have generally

Never not felt

The thin alchemy

Of their want to get inside

My legs to kill me

I am a woman and this makes me

Therefore I read novels

I eat

Selfishly, I am human

I will spend my life

Touching the green

Plants as they wiggle,

Turning to fireworks around me

Bomb in my chest

I hope every person

Says it loud and louder still

Hooray! Let the despicable

Dark fear

Of me

Be a moth

We can eat, white powder

I am not surprised

Let me be less interested

In tiny feathers

Let me be more ventricle

I plan to learn

To eat intentionally

Every day I am dying

You cannot stop me
Posted 08/29/12
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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