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You wake up

You’ve got problems

You can see them

All over the floor

It’s pretty great

About half of life

But so many restaurants

Opening and closing

Girl talking to girl

Talking to boy talking

To man to woman

Snowflake in the window

All ragged

What do we want

You tell yourself

You deserve it

This and that

You stood there

The words sort of rushing

At that person

You used to love

Apple on the counter

You know there are certain things

You’re supposed to do

Love, mostly

Take off your glasses

Fold up

Why are we complaining

Kids are vegetarians

Every second a sweet conversion

You were outside

Of belief, once

Pink and bumpy

Your mom like a building

You could pass over

In an airplane
Posted 01/18/12
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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Yes. Love. <3
09/26/17 7:24pm