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When I laugh I’d like you

to imagine me sleeping:

terrible & sudden, a Greek

stringing her golden

bow, no longer concerned

with god

The myth of a sparrow in a bucket

rotting in ecstasy

We walk to the park with our beliefs

The bed creaks

No longer should I be concerned with god

A mitten falls on its back

Our supper is cold and flat

When adults play games there are no stakes

I could cry from my bedroom & my drunk 

neighbor would never wake, her pink arm 

grazing the floor, orchestrating

the garish sparkle of morning

We are sad & this means the Internet

I lick icing from my lonely

My daughter’s name is Frances & she is buried

particles on your apartment ceiling

When pity wobbles up in stalagmites I become 

quiet, watch

In my eye sockets are words 

we never looked up

When one falls from the gauze it turns

to a bug & dies on its backside

Break my heart some other way

We trade a canoe

emoji all day

The mountains of Colorado can be

so red

In the motorcycle cafe my flowered tights

show my true leanings


the poster says

Why when we stand next to the facts

does so much fall down

I closed every gate

behind me

Your face looks

What I say

What does my face look like


Posted 04/24/14
Books by Emily Kendal Frey
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