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It is not an answer I am mapping. A definite
and timely expression of acceptance.
The burn bags are missing and what can this
mean? Error and ignorance are often fatal.
Or is it blissful? To wish to become an underwater
dune simply by wishing to become an underwater
dune. This is one of many thoughts inspired by
watching a stream meander over a beach, towards
the sea. We have no direction. We are damn serious
about not changing direction. Why wish to become
an underwater dune? They keep building up,
steeper and steeper, moving backwards against
the current until there is a rush and they dissolve
into turbulence. Of course, then they build again.
Part of our tradition is a fascination with simple
systems. Disruptive emotion, it’s disruptive.
This is a simple observation. Like looking at
the palm. What is it saying about the future?
Look at the palm. Oh the history! And your eyes!
Like geometric hallucinations. Like holding a sharp
edge. Like the science of functioning. To determine
nothing and move forward.

Posted 07/18/10
Books by Emily Pettit
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