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This was the city
of thrills
and entertainment
the bronzed bodies
of the dead
rotting in the sun
like long forgotten
cicada husks
clinging to their trees
being smashed under
a climbing foot

This was the city
of empty women
with vacant eyes
and huge tits,
the people were props
so much so as the
water fountains
the buffets
the neon lights

there was nothing here
for the betterment
just consume and gasp
and gulp and spit
shit out your expensive purses
the rich taste of the unliving
rasping with unpronounceable
designer names

obsessed with the unreal
and saturated with
the unimaginable
the empty fun of the disenchanted

take a sip and throw
the dice,
on that
six hard way.
Posted 07/17/11
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