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My Father, The Desert

Driving at
100 miles
an hour
through rocks and
red soil and
prickly fauna

He didn’t know
his own padre,
adonde vas? no se

just that he moved across
that border
when he was around twelve,
here we come
here we come

and to Omaha,
and then back again
and then to Omaha,
and then back again
and then to Omaha,

and when he was 16 and in high school at Omaha Central
he decided to stay here
Worked at Caniglia’s
a restaurant that isn’t around anymore
had a lucky break for a cheap apartment
worked and schooled and maddened

Met my mom, and they did theirs,
one could guess,
because here I am
writhing and maddening
along with them all.

We may have bonded for a second
or a day or two,
when I rolled the dice better than usual
he’d call me son.
Posted 07/17/11
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