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Strange What the Body Remembers.

I’ve spent my time
killing zombies
slashing through hordes
of the
the washed up
the placated
the adverted
the disinherited
the consumed

I wonder what she does
in that same bathing suit
she wore in florida
does she strip it off
slow and sure
in her figure and
I know I’m a handful
maybe two handfuls
maybe a grip of sand
that trickles through your fingers
when you try to hold on

Love is only
a shot of dopamine
straight from the brain
to your whole
living body
the reward center
of your nexus of thought

I masturbate into a towel
and think of that ankle bracelet,
I talk to an academic advisor
who is blind
to the golden god
standing in front of her
diminishing himself
to walk the coast of
and share the speech
of nowhere

that goddamned
untied and flopped
hanging on the bed
just so
sunburned and rubbing
against eachother,
singing to
the laughing girl.
Posted 07/17/11
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