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Teeth are for Breaking

Last Night.
was fighting, and I was losing, and I was panicking.
I guess I just have these deep seeded, secreted away
I shun those sappy romantic
they touch too closely to my heart

I do want
that extreme
earth-shattering love
I want everything to work out
in the end
I want the boy to
get the girl
just like the movies…

And we HAD it,
precious one,
we HAD it
on the tips of our fingers
and dripping all over our bodies
we were tasting Truth

Having been so close
to freedom
the bluebird
in my hearthas been fluttering
and beating his wings
against his cage
ever since
I first let him out
to soar around you

We had it all
we drank what Gods drank
we walked where
Gods walked
we slept as
Gods slept

that was me
raging against the
vainly trying
to keep
what they had

I spoke with
an old
She said
I'm not how I used to be
that my Love was gone
I had to agree
over years and years of
hurts and wounds
I suppose the scars
have made me
a bit desensitized
so I was unaware
of the pain you were in

What is a flesh wound
to a hardened warrior
can be a death blow
to a delicate one
as yourself

With you,
I wanted
I wanted finally
to believe that
it was all worth it
all the wars
all the battles
all the damage
was worth it
to have found you
we both had finally been
with the Love that even
Gods tremble to touch

this is the old soldier
resting his rifle on the mantle
putting his sword behind the
bookcasestuffing his armor
into the dumpster,
nothing more
worth fighting

Fighting never got him anything
than a bloody nose
Posted 04/22/13
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