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The Deadly Game.

maybe I’ve
lost hope
and maybe
I’ve lost

I’ll no longer
live and
for your sake
I thought
I could save
the fucking
human race
I thought
someone could
I believed in

I dreamed once.

I felt for
the people
who didn’t have
time to
I loved for
the people
who didn’t
know how to
no longer,
I’m afraid,
at least for now
for a long now,
I dreamed so
others might
live peacefully

I spelled correctly
so others might
take notice.

Fuck that
Fuck You.
all of you.

I’m half Mexican
and I don’t even know
about my heritage
I like to believe I’m
descended from
an elite line of
Aztec Warrior

The deadly game
with the human head
as the ball
and losers
were sacrificed
who knows what.

I like to pretend
I killed a few
My native tongue is dead
and dead
My dad,
it’s dead in him,
in me,
it beats like
the volcanoes
of the Yucatan
in its peak

Greek and
the greatest warriors
of the known world,
lost to the likes of you
the reader
the viewer
the critic
the tight jeans
the bohemian
the non-creator
the non-combatant
the civilian
the farts and the buffalo wings and the fried pickles

I’m near 25
and I should have died gloriously by now.
Posted 07/17/11
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