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This Man I’ve Become

There’s been a change
these last few months
starting to do
what I always should have done
Living by
a warriors code
which doesn’t condone
but rather

And I’ve been called
more than ever
these days,
I’ve developed
some kind of
some kind of swagger,
maybe it’s the boots
or it could be
the way I talk
a little bit slower
or it could be
as I get older
more and
more of my
Grand father’s blood
flows through my veins,
He was one of those
lost warriors
he did his work
in ‘nam or
maybe the second big one
and he’s been under ground
for ages,
but I’m finally understanding
the hats and the boots and the big shades
and the constant cigarettes and beer and the
gruff voice

The boy I grew up with
died fighting a train engine,
the man I’ve become
took it with big shades and boots
and a shaking voice,
so I still have a few things to work on

The last woman I loved
well, lets face it, she was just a girl,
though I figure she’s a bit closer
to that W word now.
Anyway, she left me with
a shotgun hole in my chest,
now I carry a blade in my boot
and a six shooter on my hip,
metal plating over my heart
and a little less faith
in everything
and though I don’t
like to admit how much
it’s affected me
(the boots, the shades, the smokes and the beer)
I seem to have a constant horse and a constant
sun set, now.

And there’s a brother
in arms I have,
he’s taking on the battle
solo now,
well, I suppose
I am as
divide and conquer
as they say

And there’s a
I’d like to love
but I think that notion
is a wounded horse
ready to be put to rest,
the man I’ve become
isn’t willing
to put down the gun
to stop his stride
to hang his hat
to remove the
metal plate,
the sunset
is a constant backdrop
and the horse
only travels
Posted 09/04/11
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