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Two Inches of Shoddy Wood

I live in places
with low water pressure
where the insects
squirm in and
out of my walls
crawling, sliding, worming, squishing
and they come on to my open carpet
to die
to leave their empty husks for me
to sweep up in the morning

it’s either too cold or too hot
and the blankets are constantly
and the women work their way in
like the insects
worming and twisting
out and back in
to my walls
and back out again,
with other men and other
they try to make me jelous
or aroused
or interested
they don’t realize
I’ve swept up
their dead husks
and thrown them away
with the centipedes

the windows are broken
or the screens are torn
or there are no windows
at all
and the key hardly works
if you twist it just right
just right

the gunshots sound
or the sirens whine
or the wild dogs bark
when they’ve found their
2 inches of shoddy wood
keeps me from the madness,
I walk into it,
down into it
get lost into it
and usually
it cowers back.
Posted 07/17/11
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