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White Out.

What’s stopping you?
you could be in another town
have different friends
kiss a different girl
not kiss anyone

so what’s keeping you
where you are?
you can always make more money
you can get a new job that
you hate
just as much as
this one
you could go
to different bars
that you’ll
grow to hate
just like these ones
with different people
who are
the same
as these ones

you can change your whole life
with one decision
most decisions we make
are completely arbitrary
all decisions we make
are completely arbitrary

something happens
or it doesn’t
or it happens

you can be someone
completely different
you could be reading
a different book
you could be speaking
a different language

we all have the tendency to
unconsciously surrender
to our handed platter

there’s a different restaurant
next door

I’m dining at home.
Posted 07/17/11
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