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Carl the Craven Raven

Carl the craven raven
     lived on the Maryland shore
He never would pronounce
     that fatal “Nevermore”
You asked him why, he would reply
     “What should I do it for?

Some birds do caw crass things all night
     from a Mid-Atlantic steeple
but I do not believe it’s right
     to terrify the people
What have they ever done to me?
     What am I, a moral cripple?”

The other ravens judged that Carl
     was too clever by half
They yanked out his feathers
     and kicked him as they laughed
They wrenched his neck, they bruised his ribs
     He looked like a giraffe

They threw him into the trunk of a car
     drove to a sea of sand
kicked him a couple of more times
     and left him there for dead
A seagull plucked out his eyes
     A crab moved into his head

Posted 09/11/09
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wait, what happens next?
09/11/09 11:40am