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Fourish Poems


I like hairy dudes but ick
he was like fiber optics, man,
all incorrectly uploaded and stuff
full of images of everyone I know and stuff.

I e-mailed you last night, bro
but being that I live in Iowa
by the time you said you needed the thing you wanted
poof, it was gone, bro.

So some years later, I desired to receive, like,
a flurry of Victorian hand models settling on my face.
Haha, I know, and I was like, no fucking way.
It gets depressing being that way,
like, awesome.


I desire to receive[1253]
vending machines<,> with locations<,> [1027]
wafers and cells[2201], rolling bearings[2456], breast enhancement<s>[1633],
<anything that> sets your my thermostat to 68<, really,>[963].
<It’> s time<, ultimately> to project the right image[1977]
onto our my being,[1498]
Watch these this videos to learn more[953].

I e-mail: Carl<, my friend in Iowa,>[896]
<and I ask, > Can adults get acne<?>[743]
<He responds, > “For urgent assistance, please call 877-525-3377”[2066]
<Which was weird,> being that I live in Iowa,[678]
Like, <and >being that[2066] I<’ve known> knew him for so long.>


Carl and I are just hanging out, man.
Just like reading and stuff.

One guy wrote a book of poems and inserted the following thing in it–
“Listen” –Jason Molina

Either Jason Molina is the only person ever to utter the word, “Listen,”
Or that guy who wrote that book really just wanted
to say, hey, man, I'm cool
I can hang
like, I know who Jason Mollina is.


That undeniable pang we feel when we get to the mic, and the first thing we have to say—
Before the poetry can begin—is
“Is this thing on?”
“Like, hello?”
"Like, should I…?"

Posted 01/10/13
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