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Ezra Pound and Britney Spears


[Repeat thus this:
That don’t escape… ! it <
  “get order
Be sex; see existence get out of sex

I give it my go
  Baby, go away, always

Ceres’ baby
The dog hell,
1916 brother-in-law
  Flung a dip in

Yeah baby
I should typically
  find him there…

I give it my go baby
     to find him there…


You’re the old airy hairy
Horace, baby.

colour, time
O it’s the taste of CHORUS]
It’s always the taste
  of CHORUS.

Yeah with a want killing
The taste of CHORUS.

With “Yo baby
Yo sky
from got now to go now
Oh baby

To got nothing…
Vanity is space…
Is nothing…

Oh budella, what a cook!
“ [Repeat thus this:
  Vanity is space
   Is nothing…

Oh baby, show toxic Jo his

Now run.
Posted 09/04/12
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