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Biographical Note For The Urban Planner

The fourth time I forgot her name
she dragged me with no enthusiasm
& by the arm & her grasp a loose
exasperated fourth-time
grasp, & I scrambled uphill,
white sneakers throwing soil,
the failure of my legs reprising
for me the function of legs, my face
wondering after its function,
my voice a silent city
of canceled riots. Her name
placed riots on the major routes
& busy intersections of my mouth,
& her lack-of-name canceled them,
& all this lay idly somewhere
along a shivering string of mistakes,
but someone else can cinch that please
because I am the unarranger
of the story & I am assigned
they tell me to crowd control
& to retracing my steps until
my tracks & hers converge.
Posted 10/07/11
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