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And there in the hills
The forestry was innocent, and the forest
He went up in those hills and made a clearing
out of them, the man with his unconcern firing
Break with thinking life and break with all kind of tree
Break association up
and it’s as long as I can in the glade of twisted light
He wasn’t needing gifts or giving any
though gifts of postcard quotation
about fierce animals and panic warning
about ice floes do get shot
precisely to other people along the cardinal directions
The time for gifts is customary, but in the corruptive-
productive ground the man put some new customs
No more easy habitats for one
Now on the way to dying you may visit the estates
of strangers and it won’t cost
He transformed himself into one arduous task
and out of the hills into the fresh blue
town below no more sounds came down

Posted 12/07/11
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