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Thinkable Weather

Here’s one for the unsteady—Your
rivers will dry up, you will get
new rivers

The Empty Plate, The Eumenides,
The by the rivers of

being children
they will ask why the former rivers
failed, like you have time to field

all the strand fish counted up, please
ready your thankless task

An officer and a priest at the door
The preservationist’s widow

lifts the Geiger counter
sets it in the sun where little citizens

designate the place to play—Always
in the sun and while we’re
here together herewith sunlight

is purposed for the geese
and the general renascence

of that big flow south
where the high traffic historical sky

melted Second Temple Glacier
way down the water table

Now remember say, a tablecloth fringing
or a light gale and the water
was blinking

said the tiny nobles

in their long echoing halls
Posted 11/18/11
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