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**constantly running
**underground, overhead
**through our bodies

[if I may be a poet it may not be
for much longer, I have
drawn black shades over my eyes
which is always a bad sign

**I don’t want to drink anymore
**I don’t want people to dream
people are their bodies must be made of lego blocks.  their touch
doesn’t feel pleasurable, an awkwardly placed
geometrically blunt >> plaid
    stinging.  like when I was a kid
        and I jumped

**disparate pieces
**it was on a day like this day
**and warm I walked along the smallest
**park bench
**in a coastal town
**to dream deep fluid down

**but if you ever thought
**if you ever thought
**with the right side of the brain,
**inside, watching traffic
**girl standing by the window
**all names begin with the same letter
**climb brambles

Posted 10/28/13
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