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Sexy (or what I’d really like to wear) [excerpt]

I'm representing myself here on the street
and I don't want to wear anything stupid
Because a first impression
in a real space outside yourself
is a kind of object permanence

like taking diet pills and cleaning the bathroom

like the only girlfriend I ever had
I was a drunk
I didn't care 
I've learned that all over again

Thats what I used to tell my wife
When I got off the ship, came home
Looking for someone to come over 
A girl preferably  A girl playing dolls

Across the street from the big house
Across the street from the big fence
Meet at the picket fence and then
three of us would be there

at the picket fence  She was just
so beautiful
I didn't complain

Look at my name on the car door
They're getting married
We're engaged  It was someone else
It was us

I look at her and I wish and I wish and I wish
World War 2 or something
Posted 10/07/13
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