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Biology comes from the Greek words bios (life) and the suffix -logy (study of). So I’ma say nix on the bio. I’m still studying my life, the only progress I’ve made is a little bit of mental translation from thoughts and energy to words. It’s a beautiful thing called poetry. That’s what my biology is about, the poetry.
But hey, I’ll write a biography that’ll make historians and professionals turn their heads in disgust. Ready… go!

I’m not trying to be gonzo, but HST’ is my idol. He knew words, the gritty ones, the beautiful ones, and the chemical induced illusions that only make sense through words capturing moments and feelings more than pictures ever could, more than memories could ever remember. He preserved moments, not memories. And he was a goddamn genius, mad as a hatter.
I’m no Hunter S Thompson, but I’m no saint. Profanity is my friend. Chemicals have been known to flow through the veins into the fingers that type each word,..
And this wouldn’t be a bio if it didn’t have Eminem in it. Or if I didn’t at least use the phrase ”eminem flow.”

Livin in a literary dream, everything else is just words in between.

Truly yours, your poetry fiend. - Mar

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