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Epithalamion loosely after R Lowell’s Epilogue

This dirt-rooted maze knot and time
to the farmer’s daughter who grows thyme
condiments, tubs o’ calf’s brains and lime
noise from the barn cows on the roof make
red-sided and chewing tobacco Burma Shave
groggy slap happy eye blight
pencil stubs, ceremony old news print
co-ordinates fucked spyglass kerplunked
O riverriver repeat your wavy beat, cute the feet
sketch each leaf crotch and branch
blessèd structures, big foot big font in sonnet’s suit
don’t fit the facts be damned mute
tide mud mussels in Heraclites’ river washed love
In Time for sun’s illumination: o love’s a tight glove
Posted 02/20/10
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Pushing and caressing, though robustly, the sonnneteer's envelope.
02/23/10 11:32pm