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cute things readers adore:
myths exegeses synecdoche
like the condition of our nails is a window into the soul.
yep that’s why celebrities have perfect crescent cuticles.
now the sky is dirty whipped cream.
rain threatening the streets are calm.
someone’s teaching a turtle to do tricks.
let us know what it learns. Wow! OMG!
and now it’s writing lyrics about what goes on in its house.
we’re anxious to see what a turtle’s imagination does unfettered by good taste.
out fly junk lines from its mobile home
into the gorgeous anthology called life
where birds fly into steamy windows full of feathered hats
thinking them the objects of their desire.

Posted 11/29/09
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Fun poem, somewhat intriguing, but the appeal is more in the good variation and shaping with letting go to the end in longer period. Opinions artfully expressed without heavy touch.
11/30/09 12:35am