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Someone Must Live Here

We stood beneath a slightly curved line
Pointing up and poking at it.
Houses were in my stomach
And it was like fainting.
I found my goggles
Just as somebody was coming and going.
We thought they were selling themselves
Or at the very least growing older.
Our hearts were conjoined.
It was a conditional response to weather
And we tried to make sense of it
By standing back to back
With our clothes on.
Someone downstairs kissed a dolphin.
If they worked on anything
It was a mystery to us.
What a mystery we thought out loud
Recording ourselves.
Black squirrels played with tin cans
Their information was wireless
And it formed clots in the sky
Between our eyeballs and theirs.
The day brought visitors!
The visitors were born without eyes.
Each one bowed and began chopping up
What they could with what they had.
The curtains behaved like organs
Floating in the sink.
Nothing was sticky anymore.
We tried tape and sugar.
Our visitor had lived here
Longer than we had
And we borrowed his ideas
And broke into his home.
Our home on the other hand
Was for the taking
But it didn’t look like anyone felt
That it was worth the effort.

Posted 04/15/09
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