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Ian Horn

Ian Horn is a current Senior at Columbus College of Art and Design.
His main body of work is in the visual arts, but uses written narrative and story telling in his art making process. Poetry has become a major influence within his work, in its ability to realize an emotional physical space through written description. His most current work in progress is Adonta ta mele (her still singing limbs), and is comprised of two simultaneously exhibitions that detail the lives and disappearances of Lou and Ann - Marie Abbott. The subjects of the work are fictional and have been created through short story writing, poetry, and screenplays. This year long project will open to the public on March 6, 2010 at the Stonewall Foundation on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio and March 8, 2010 at the DSB Gallery on Columbus College of Art and Design Campus.

The poem entitled Mutably Cataclysmic - Unbeknownst reticence will be featured in the anthology: "Whispers, a Collections of Short Works" published by Greenspring Press and will be available at Barnes and Nobel as well as online in February. You can pre-order this book online at:

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