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And like MAGIC Anyjar is gone

Forgive me, he says, I have taken the anyjar and buried it in snow until part of the glass froze and then I tried to break the anyjar apart with an ax that was underneath the kitchen sink which I discovered when rain caught the slate-stick and with one, two, twenty smashes the anyjar wouldn’t budge which means that an ax wouldn’t do so I went to the bedroom where I found a chain-saw and revved the engine like a quake of earth and sawed the hell out of the anyjar, but what would happen next would be disappointing to any person because nothing shattered but my right knuckles and all bloody and in a bad mood I called for a friend to help and the friend said I’ll do anything I can do anything to help a friend so the friend came over with a very new rubber glove and twisted the anyjar until the friend’s hands looked like new hands but of course we thought if any hand wouldn’t do even new hands would fail to open the anyjar so then I thought extremely hard about everything and we began to make a catapult from space and flung the anyjar into the air but it boomeranged right back only to hit the friend in the anything-but-good eye so I ran to get a patch and then I got tired but suggested that maybe the best thing to do is to go get a blanket (I took the one the dog sleeps on ) and drape it over the anyjar and just like that I sighed and the anyjar disappeared so forgive me he says sorry again, it could be anywhere.
Posted 02/11/10
part of a series.
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