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Disaster [General]

The emails have been sent / we need more.
We always need more.

I hear they are flying them out with supplies.
I hear they are already prepared.

I grab my bandages, hold them tight against my chest.
I run up a mountain / am still running.

I donate my heart to the nearest emergency cooler.
I can feel my heart missing its cadaver.

The wind is an ice-box door.
The next door will open any minute.

My heart is waiting to be retrieved.
The water returns smelly fish bones.

There is the statue of the first mother
Rocking her stoney baby, her marble head

Sinks into the sandstone armpit.
The salt remains on her feet.

She asks for forgiveness / she is always apologizing.
Stop. Here is my bloody rag of heart.

Here is a stick and propeller.
Get out of here before I change my mind.

At the top of the mountain I reach into my chest.
I pull out the system. I push a button/ am still pushing.

Posted 03/13/11
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