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Furlough Friday, October 23, 2009

My mind has babies
My mind has pink babies and blue babies and yellow babies
Babies with thumbs in my mind
Babies with bells in my mind
Babies knocking over milk ponds in my mind
My mind has babies that laugh and sometimes they have words
They say I am a blue baby or I am a new baby
The babies have hippo cries in my mind
Babies that have named each other biblical names
Babies that are more radical
The mind is so that way
The mind is sew that way (you knew that baby)
Radical babies giving radish lips
Radical babies growing lawn-mower hips
My mind is digi-tropical
The babies wear swimsuits when they play
The babies never feel ugly
The babies never feel pretty
The babies are pretty pink and pretty blue and pretty yellow
These babies are not overdone
These babies can not be overthrown
The mind wants impeachment
The mind is so old and has lost control
Babies babies babies flowering babies vanished babies
On ships made of monkey shrubs
On planes made of plastic wrap
On kayaks made of old kayaks
The mind cries
No poor babies no old babies
Don’t mind new babies with bow-ties
The mind is less professional
The babies oversee the Wallstreet plantation
The babies don’t work for anyone
The babies are in the mind but the babies also have minds
The mind doesn’t know how to work this out
The babies will work it out, they always know what to say
The babies have pink words and blue words and yellow words
They might as well be incognito
Because the mind also has pink and blue and yellow
Streams but the difference is that they intersect and that makes mud
They might as well be chords
Babies sing mud
Babies turn mud into gold because they have no education
The mind has too much education
The mind doesn’t pay for things like babies do
Posted 10/23/09
October 23, 2009 marks the first Furlough Friday in Hawaii
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