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J. Townsend

J. Townsend’s poetry has been published in online and print journals, including Bombay Gin, The Cultural Society, Gam, Diagram, & Fact-Simile. His critical study “Spiritual Man, Modern Man” on the life and work of poet Frank Samperi appeared in issue 36 of JACKET magazine. J. is also a co-founder and editor of con/crescent press (, a print magazine focused on discursive essay and creative non-fiction, and chapbook publisher for emerging, innovative poets. He is a member of the New Philadelphia Poets, and lives in Kensington, PA.

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I greatly enjoy and admire your stuff on here. You are a Philly native then? That's where I'm from too. I'll have to look up the New Philadelphia Poets next time I'm in town. I'm living in New Orleans for the time being but I'd like to keep in distant-touch. E-mail's Thanks.
06/11/10 1:26pm