600 Readings

Secret History

order as   the burn-off star ash
   the silent orbit at trachea to bring
us tools    the highwire weaving
degrees of visibility obelisk there
in   the sense of navigation mulling
   the ephemeris inside apis &   the
soft wetness of tongue to cheek
   the labor trade’s unrooting white
coals alien vegetables against a blue
field    the auguries’ trace in sawdust
each speck holds bodies   piled on
top of   pushed together   blown
hands pushed into an open pyramid
over   the left eye marking   the spark
of   or personal sightings   the squared
letter compass   articles of initiate as 
thrown sign to deep plant color   the
blotter replacing world vision with
extradimensional   markdown   the
butterfly   insignia   means   trauma
wiring   replicant   brother   in   white
suit   limbless   erasure   our   thorns
curled   beneath   windows   gathering
Posted 08/30/10
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