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Application Letter

The heat is too incredible to drink through,

rings of corduroy sedimenting my thighs

to the poppasan chair. Beer and furious

cigarettes to beat the heat, exhalations

against invisible biting gnats, anything

for a breeze. For respite walk to 7-11

just to stand in the beer cooler until

Frieda throws us out. Such a noble start,

this weather and rolls of pennies

in wet grocery bags like knives

cloven with disregard to form,

stretch a wrist to buy generic

cigarettes marked in alabaster

like the blank wink of a trail

in the wilderness. Office job,

I’ve come a long

way through the sticky street, directly

to your branch. I’ve got a complaint

in my mouth made of jewels, indignant,

time pressed misery and teeth.

These charms crown the day

with coffees and stains, appropriate burnt end

shirt collars all ringed

like cigarette burns along the sink,

fingers impoverished by the throat.


Posted 04/08/14
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