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Eyes Open, Sneezing Wide

Trying to find a balance


and a distance


away from


and back to


you, I’ve plumb


been YOLO’ing


my life away, I guess.


It’s raining today, pouring,


suddenly everything an elephant of a problem


that–spoiler alert—


the sun’s rays, senseless,   


seemed to yesterday save.


(You ask for a doctor; they call you a priest.)


Forever nestled to the wind,


It’s You vs. You reads the text on a faded placard


I pass by every morning on my way to work.


The gym it originally touted


has long since closed


but that placard yet remains—


It’s You vs. You,


day against day,


champion against challenger,


and, landed or lunged,


moot every punch’s outcome.


(No, no hablo inglés. No hablo inglés.


Pero, voy a orar


por ti, hijo mío. )


The mind sins


by way of the body,


I guess.


The sound and smell and scent.




Even my eyelashes feel tired today.


Posted 11/20/17
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