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this is coyote’s dream 4

a stair is an opening to the ways things are done above. a child and a child will run after mice and the carpet is their fur and everything is brown. a baking. a digging. this must be what looking-ups call fireside. Divide. melt after the runners into granite gardens, into parades of constellation. the butcher is a sunbeam, the plow just negates. there is a dragon in the weight, this lamp is light with earthcore. call the beach away, catapult the moontide. Divide. sometimes a father is a grail, a mother holding swords. pick a star from the coalsack sky, find grandfather falcon cradled in dark clouds, mountain snow. this is red. this is violet. mouse feeds itself to itself and beetle waits. there is a whole sky above everything, allthing. below the red, under the violet.

Posted 02/24/11
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