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["IT CAME OUT OF THE BLUE DISTANCES" /  two lines from Novalis]

I had to choose what to come back to and how
to appear swells with dresses so the threads pull
easily I must have been less plainful.  Just flip-flops and something
simple like coffee.  Your Sophie, unvacantly
but misled breakfast and several phrases and the periwinkle
chiffon bleached at the rims of sweating.  You know, I Had
to Choose What to Come Back to and How to Appear:
"da kam aus blauen Fernen."  Frilled blueberries and a white
china bowl.  It's like this to lose
the casual ballet of the beloved.  Having
all the positions but the atrophy of how
to form and more  the ethereal
effects of ghost-like apparition implying the extreme
of grief.  Your Sophie and some coral-
pearl morning, stammered
light and soon

[THE BLUE FLOWER / after Novalis]

the walls shift
against each

other the ruth
of association: when

I see blue flowers in the vase I ask what is the blue flower

in the garden his hands and mine, separate
dirts and shook

free I learn loosening
soils upon repotting

so the roots can spread ten scrambles

in dictionary-ese.  Glaucous
not blue not-

withstanding tubes of light

starkly holding those gentian walls
hostage to life
Posted 05/27/13
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