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Moon madness I live sweetly & those placards

Jesus protect her on the toilet because Jesus

Planet of blue, white-crested tides & pull weights

Am wide to goals in your book & the how of love

How to love one’s neighbor in this bullhorn rain

Because the innocent children because innocence

& the physical location of humane hearts is where ?

We all eat the same              Milk, cool & white,

poured into coffee, any other breakfast, some eggs

She wears coral, peacock blue, a silk scarf

& all of us wrapped limbs in cloth stuff, wool, cotton

I am betting everyone a little time ‘to go’ here

Let’s dye hell the community toilet color

Because hell

& the Lord pees here too so loudly because the Lord

Many of us & a few of us just running public

            shame, those voices calling


In this moon madness

You’ve got to give in & move to the moon  but they

don’t read this appearing nowhere & out loud

The true bird so let’s take it, sprint towards love

True bird of crow anger, stubborn goose

Or, who a person feels themselves to be, also them

Blooming a word ‘for this’ captivity narration

Also their loves, strapped to their hearts I do not

            comprehend don’t want but

need to

& this is more moon madness just white forsythia

Or, how I hate the table but try to swallow bread

The little white bowl this toilet’s porcelain & H2 O

Maybe not just sugar but kindness, also knowing

How, a nation divided, one moon, slivers

& what makes Jesus weep, the differing opinions

& makes youth in their moments, unprotected

To be told who you aren’t, your gender

A real danger now, not like eating persimmons

Posted 03/31/15
I once attended a post-Preposition 8 protest where we chanted, "We love you anyways," at counter-protesters carrying signs decrying homosexuality as sinful. For a long time, I thought love was the answer. I'm starting to wonder if this is expecting too much. In the current climate of anti-LGBT backlash (not to mention a lot of toilet-focused legislation against transgender folks) in the US, I ask myself if I have the right to expect those most affected by that backlash to respond with love to people who seem to want to deny their humanity. However, as a cis hetero human, I do think it behooves me to experiment with love, to try to figure out why we are divided, maybe as the first step to effecting change. I admit that I'm not that optimistic.
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