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[ the door ]-2 in memoriam

nether I meet you nether           life as we know
shaggy vessels      importune light    and that’s what it’s like to be 12
years old     stretch bone-weight leucorrhea lymph arteries
booms the bee wing and candle           your spell will
lift the online cyber bullying        leaps that girl just 12 to death
it gets better I yell to my fingers but she’s dead
just spoiled air through broken hive
I have 320 ‘friends’ in my hive            :                says the health guru
the disconnection engendered by facile connection
rains my flood also so forth, so on but tell veracity to purple
vowels they ought to curb    incident raises emotion    torn
bruises       communal bees drunk or unspinning their own
stage had been an order and contract but evaporated those boundaries
that bee now verified
missing and perished     withers the almond crop    blueberry patch
lachrymal willow bending vertebrae         nursery bee awaits you awaits you
child of black hair    little sharp teeth      bites nipple     hears
ouch! that was the last melon in slices the table
falls to outdoor leaves dead ask     insatiable environment leaves bee
corpse on sidewalk      aren’t you coming
asks the bee’s fossil the sweetness of strawberries weep those girls
fat new queens
we never meant to hurt you but they did and stung true

Posted 11/22/13
second in a series of poems written to reflect upon life in the era of colony collapse disorder, both as it relates to actual bees, and as a metaphor for other, more human collapses
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