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The Haircut

If any native freeman presumes to cut off the hair of a native freewoman in her courtyard, we order that he pay thirty solidi to the woman, and let the fine be twelve solidi.
But if the woman has gone forth from her courtyard to fight, and her hair has been cut off or she has received wounds, let it be her fault because she has gone forth from her home; and let nothing be sought from him who struck her or cut her hair.

From the Burgundian Law Code, circa 5th century

The Burgundians have been shearing some woman
There had been a cloak devised of several
Fragments of hair written like sickness
A girl and a girl-with-child traipse the snow
Considering the laws, the possible
Gardens of the shorn carry blue night
‘’Deserving it’ also means

her hair in the courtyard and threads
girls who had better run
the sentence when sawing
belly and inappropriate running while
frequency of marauding Burgundians
in their mouths.  Cobalt steps
he breaks ice across a frozen bucket

spilling shivers to the ground, each stroke
through a snowy forest after a girl who is pregnant.
hair from a woman, but if she leaves
cold powder spins out of control and also some sinkage
who brandish rusty scissors from their belts (all these
shine a color in pale
feels water trickle down his gut and day

heavy, and light, as dove-cloak their law
matures the girls’ hair
the house to fight her injury
into the deep wells the boots of another.
haircuts) or maybe she just
splits into halves, to cut

decries it.
wears grey scarves, but before a certain
may expect no recompense.
used a steak knife to serrate
glass curves of light.  She only
riveting.  The girl wished there had been no wife
some loose ends in a fury.

belongs to one of them
good enough to mix spells in bowls or
only inhabit the other.
pine at mirrors.  Not even ebony
windowsills or blood on snow, just red
hair darkened with hormone.
The fishbowl of the salon.  Whoever discards her

hair looks upon her just like.  Folds
her rope of straw her veil
into a dustbin so she has to stand
before sheets of glass.
Like always, the glass is a new skin and fine-grained.
How he’ll style it.
Thick serum for the brittle ends that someone

spending six hours in the bathroom when she
lingering to see what happened.
couldn’t miscarry just packs her bags and leaves.
The girl breathes a book filling her bedroom
Her hard jade pimple eyes
with frost against heat
which meant nothing

like a blow dryer.  She shades auburn
to the laws of the Burgundians, the part
futures from memory, also thin winter
thrust to the ground
branches and her long hair strand
and severed by freeman freedman
pearls the nape of her neck

no matter
the hair carried the color
when the tickle of the brush and talc
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