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I Take You Where I Find You

I only wish that they would take me as I am

                                                            –Vincent Van Gogh


Your fields are collected as trophies.

Many harvests earlier your fields

Grew stars and I love knowing

You envisioned a relevant audience

I think it means you hoped 

For your own relevance.

The dead light you captured

Still illuminates cornered 

Dream-seeped possibility. This bright

Oiled thought--If you, then maybe I…

 No matter my vantage,

When I glimpse your landscapes,

I am looking up. I hope it means

Everything when I describe

My core by your gradation–an orange

Bruised sky.


I love that you somehow knew

Me when you painted the sunflower

Series—those heliotropes so earnestly

Bending toward the light we crave. Also

Their petaled grief and slope.

The self we seek in art sometimes

Becomes a bit too selfish.

I promise I’m not my own intention

When I search the swirling world

For your voiceless voice.

Posted 09/07/14
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