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Life as the Camera Sees It



The world forms a square still life

Do we understand how angle creates shape?

This vantage pretends knowledge

And I have always been a liar.


I know nothing. The road is endless

White lines of Morse code, and a failure

Of speed limits. I am moving so fast

In so many strange directions.




Everything stops

Permanently at the click of a shutter

Then joy in the half-light opens.


I miss you.


Through this lens, the world

Curves into itself near-fetal.




With the right tilt, the sun

Forms a halo—a bouquet of spots

You rub your eyes and move away

From the camera.


You move away from the camera

And the spinning of the earth takes over.

Notice the arch of the planet

How beautiful the bend of its back

The way it carries almost 





These negatives preserve what can’t be said.

I want to ask you something in the red, front room

Of your home. Only, you have returned to the earth’s

Belly—you can’t answer me. The camera gives.


The camera takes away

Your essence before we can

Fully develop.

Posted 09/04/14
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