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Believe It or Not, I’m Actually Composing These in the Email and It’s Altering How I Write in This Really Strange Way

Wonder about your brain and tell me your favorite.

Your life will sometimes be made / of up or silly

references that bore you. Think the of last time

you felt like you / really mattered. Now insert

a dirty pair shorts of into / that memory. That's its own

kind torture of, right? I'd say

so. / If you get somebody to betray

their own memory, well, that could really mess them

up of. No kidding: brutality is

everywhere. / Sometimes

the shape a thing / of is enough. That's the sad truth of /

and why.
Posted 09/07/13
From an actual email of the same name sent to Michael Shea on Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 3:24 AM
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