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Lou Reed’s Obituary: The Sequel

I met Lou in, not New. It was both.
Kristallnacht, which marked the beginning. Looking
at the constant musicians. RHYTHM
AND JEWS! T-shirts. Us all. The usual move-‘em-

in-and-why Lou asked me
something with his loud, intense
lots of fun.

After, he could definitely, for some reason, only know.
I was a different world. And all pretty provincial.
Not yet wired. Lou didn’t New. After
the suggested getting
together, I think, “Yes! Absolutely! Let’s see.”

Finally he asked if I wanted to go to the Microphones.
The greatest and biggest place we can walk.

Um… From apart Lou and I played best friends and kayaking.
We made up smoking. Our breath underwater.

Opera in friends. We did the best - strategies,
sometimes lost, a bit more, sometimes we got even

when I was never bored. We learned tangle.
It was spring. “Why don’t we meet tomorrow?”
“Um - don’t you think tomorrow is too soon?”
(Don’t necessarily hit the ceiling.)

I guess there are lots of ways to people. They hardly know.
When you marry, there should be another name for it.
The thing that surprised me about altered time.
A tenderness completely paraphrase. Lou’s

jukebox spun for many things, good at hospitals.
Everything about the diseases to feel sad.

Last last minute, received. Almost instantly.
Then that, too. There was no way when the doctor said, “We have.”

We had prepared for the belly and into the heart.
I have never seen an expression of doing

the water-flowing wide open. The person. The most
in the world. He wasn’t gotten to. Dazzling

does not get better.
And death? I’m sure he will come to me in my dreams.
Music and our real lives.
Posted 11/11/13
Taken from: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/laurie-andersons-farewell-to-lou-reed-a-rolling-stone-exclusive-20131106.
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