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Lou ThReed: The Obituary Lives On

THE FACT that he died of an OVERDOSE will hopefully HELP
the millons of DRUGGIES and DRINKERS who dont WANT the smae

SINCE Dennis Smith is perfect, can YOU make the snow
melt DIRETCLY into the ocean and FIX the potholes?
SO easy to throw stones and criticize PEOPLE for there weaknesses.
I WILL not jugde this man. I am CERTAIN that he loved HIS kids
but was caught up in the thrones of addiction. There is TOO little

kindness and forgiveness in this world, and on this WEB site.
Please be kind, FOLKS. You’ve got to be
KIDDING–grow UP!! if he actually lvoed his kids more
than his drugs he would be
mrried n alive!! YOU are obvsly vry UNAWARE of the severity
of addiction..

It’s not a light switch, buddy. Agree. I greatly admired
this man’s work, and he seemed like a nice, decent guy,
but he made the choice 2 use drugs n since

he obvs was #successful n being SOBER for many yrs
before relapsing, he culd have WORDKED harder on staying
clean because he had ALREDAY PROVEN HE COULD DO IT. Many,
many ppl do not REALPSE when they CLEAN UPO; even

people who did more drugs
than #Hoffman did. He was an INTELLIGENT man,
so he knew the huge RISKS involved in DOING
drugs again,
and he made that #fatefulchoice. No excuses. NOW his KIDS
lost their #father…for nothing. He did care more IN the end
about getting #high than he cared about his kids. And for those
who disagree, they need to think long AND hard

abt that last sentnece I wrote & realize that it is true. Well said
& I wish there were more that feel the way u do.. unfortunatley

they will remain in their comfort zone of rendering

harsh judgement, negatvity & zero concept of #compassion

nothing can help a PERSON hooked
on booze and herion…even if they get
“clean”…they will wrsetle with it the rest of THERE LIVES…we lose one
of the true acting grates here. still tryng to wrap my #mind
arnd the idea that he is RLY gone. I keep thinking that this

is a stunt for the #hungergames film. a bit of denial their..
Posted 02/24/14
My turn to talk about death my turn to talk about death my turn to talk about death
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He should have just said make sure my son is a liberal.
02/24/14 9:09pm
Yes, liberals do appreciate culture, art and architecture - not everyone is satisfied with Honey Boo-Boo and Rush for entertainment.
02/24/14 9:09pm
Just seeing how she dressed her children for the funeral, I don't see a great future for them either.
02/24/14 9:09pm
Deborah, I apologize for the last part of my comment. I was raised Catholic so I know the drill. Look at the photo -- his son was wearing a button downed shirt and tie so I don't know where you come up with garbage wear. Be nice, be kind and you an expect the same in return. Right?
02/24/14 9:09pm
500,000??? Money well hid for sure to avoid estate income tax!
02/24/14 9:08pm
Chicago can be lived in for a third of the cost of NYC or SF. But for the love of God, the suburbs, please.
02/24/14 9:08pm
hey he served his purpose in life regaurdless of how he died, his children wil be well off and taken care of
02/24/14 9:08pm