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Oatmeal Bath How-To


Why not learn something today, something about milking oats in a cheesecloth bundle, taking that kind of a tepid bath.


Maybe it’s noon or maybe it’s something else. But the bells the bells the bells. Something about the number twelve.


For my next trick I’ll calm myself down. Next to the children I feel as big as a whale’s heart and as hot.


There was a pattern to that brick patio. It went in rectangular circles. It went somewhere poisonous, and lonely.


I’m damned if I do, and I always do. Dear motorcycle enthusiast. Troubleshooting. Empty tank. Put fuel in tank.


My first-ever bout of poison ivy or –oak started there; the grab, the brush, the oil molecule.


What if the whole world wasn’t out to get you. Not the mother otters holding their babies amidst the seaweed. Neither the river otters.
Posted 02/02/13
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