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Jessica Piazza

Jessica Piazza Jessica Piazza has seen some things. Terrible, terrible things. She’s the author of Interrobang (Red Hen Press), This is not a sky (Black Lawrence Press) and Obliterations (co-written with Heather Aimee O’Neill and forthcoming from Red Hen Press in 2015.) She holds a PhD in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Southern California and is published in Agni, Indiana Review, Mid-American Review, Rattle, No Tell Motel, 32 Poems, Forklift, Ohio, National Poetry Review, Pebble Lake Review, Anti-, Coconut, 42 Opus and some other places. She was a co-founder of Bat City Review and Gold Line Press, and a screener for the National Poetry Series. Sometimes, she blogs for really cool folks like Best American Poetry and Barrelhouse. Mostly, though, she hangs out with her dog Special and her husband Artur, teaches undergraduates how to dominate on the page and off, volunteers with little kids who–at ten-years-old–are somehow smarter than she is, reads good books and watches bad television. (Awful television, actually. Don’t judge.) Online, she lives at You can contact her at jpiazza (at) usc (dot) edu, on Twitter at @JessWins or on Tumblr at