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Song 3

It is said that far beyond Imuruk Basin
huge birds hunt whales on the open ocean.

Once shoved downslope by downbeat gusts
a man alone fell to one knee, erred, aimed
& pierced such a bird between its breast

& the narrow column of its neck. Careening

first up into the air & then a swaying slip
into the valley below
                                 it’s come to rest
beyond the subterranean terminus

of a rivulet sourced from snow on snow.
Posted 03/28/13
if you like this poem, please consider contributing to this project: http://www.usaprojects.org/project/ugiuva_miuguru_a_i_am_from_king_island -- this poem is based upon the beginning of the Wolf Dance http://vilda.alaska.edu/cdm/singleitem/collection/cdmg11/id/2297/rec/1
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