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Under Four Flags


A coastline
       a transitional place
bears evidence of others dwelling:

a house pit in the shape of a nest
       another like a noose.

Here a knife was lost not in time
       but space, ours a useful
relationship though not a tight one.


I liked the shadows
       in the shade of the trees,
the implication that we
       would return together
in a future beyond the blue white churn
of the ocean, so vast, at the jut of rock.

Things as they are were recognized
and unwanted, limb
       of a black-clawed bird:

a frozen accidental, leg asunder
& thrown over the chainlink fence
beneath your wall, my windows.


Iridin: sedative medicine
render me anything but artless.

Along the walk orphan children,
scrutinize & eye the white bloom

rising from the hot humus
near the source spring.

Chapel walls and crèche
stained blood
       red burgundy—

Little Sisters of Jesus your
French fleur-de-lis lodged

at the cusp, in my throat.


Between us we knew
       there was something to lose—
fragrant in June heat & a field
of confusion nothing like metaphor:

moss campion, minute orchids, sweet
sweet vetch.
Posted 04/06/13
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