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                              (by lovers’ pen-knives –

                              by sun-beam on Birch by

                              stone tiles; by unknown

                              traces light enters a grave;

                              by all lost fossils touching

                              refuge, sketch a limit by

                              that letter “+” and one

                              path reveals another;

                              by the eye, horizon, hoop

                              of the sun etc.; by the

                              covenant against death;

                              cry out, thou heartless

                              haunting shape, your name

                              a house in tempest, atom,
                              tomb, though not self-
                              similar, infinite breakage

                              up the stairs and we will never

                              arrive at YOUR doorway

                              bearing an illustrated paper -

                              what’s to hide? -  the several hands

                              severed heads; but no, the empty

                              space takes place, keeps bound

                              now time’s gush, huge shifts

                              in the core; a symbol erupts

                              and nothing happens

                              here through stars exploding

                              very very very rarely)

Posted 11/06/11
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