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[Preliminary] Philosophy of Color


Waves bombard my charges.

Frayed twine discard
in a corner of mine, KNOWN
address of being.

The notched eye marks
where the growth stops
implicit reaction,
world by writing, ours
the distant intuitive
light Uni


Whatever suffers our gaze appears

a mirror, appears

a little glass casket. Song

bursts the windows wide:

The water jets white,
The water jets black


Prospective cognition: a longing.

The present ZOOMS into faith,
unto the brink's lip one hopes
to remember. Desire to bed
in the sand, in the surf.

Who read every story died
in trema was scaled down


Upside-down book on the table
seen sometimes, seems stable.

Counting shapes of the dream named for the "breakages"
chosen along a contour of an IMPRESSion of color
a bright bead annihilates itself against the mound
of stems and cones the retina, irradiated, cannot escape.


Posted 02/16/12
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